About Erin, her posters & pictures:

My name is Erin Locascio and I am a sports photographer who got started in White Plains NY, grew even more passionate during college at the SUNY Cortland and has been fortunate to continue her career as an intern for the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame.

I pride myself in capturing moments that last a lifetime. The photos that I take will be memories that the athlete will look back on for years to come. Previous athletes have told me they are fortunate to have had me during their collegiate days because they can go back through the photos and remember the games, memories and special moments that occurred during those years.

Emotion and celebration is my forte. In those moments, the athlete is totally themselves and holds nothing back. Check out my portfolio to see some of those photos.

Contact me if you would like more of these pictures or have any questions, I love talking to people who are interested!